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welcome to the singularity ; ooc community

Singularity has moved.
Singularity has moved to Dreamwidth.

All LJ content is backed up and searchable there.

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Slowatus =(
Sorry I've been a bit slow getting back to people lately.  I've been a bit busy and stressed so I figured posting a slowatus was in order.  

My husband just graduated and is finding a job, and we're looking all over the country.  Once he finds something we're gonna move, and we're hoping to move by February.  Well, we'll be moving either in our own place or parents (yikes).  Either way I'm going to be a bit distracted by packing and organizing and then my classes online will be back in session and BAH.  I will post a hiatus if needed, but in the meantime I'm not too busy to keep up with Sera here.  That and I'll be concentrating on Pinkie Pie if she gets accepted.  She's gonna explode with parties and that'll be insane for a while.

So that's the deal!  I've been able to pop on every day, but there may be days I'll just be DERP or wondering what to post back.  If I end up forgetting someone for too long just send me an e-mail or Plurk me a friendly poke.  Just wanted yall to know!

do the impossible see the invisible
not that anyone will notice thanks to the move BUT

I'm going to be at a convention from Thursday through Monday so I'll be busy. :V

Ergo, unofficial hiatus.

Unofficial Hiatus
Yeah so as if it comes as a surprise, I've been kind of slacking off.

Unofficial Hiatus until Sing makes the jump to DW.

This affects John Egbert and Archie!Megs here.

The introductory OOC post is live over at Dreamwidth. It has some Helpful Links, and comment threads for asking questions, pointing out problems with the layout/info posts, and arranging Paypal proxies and the like.

hiatus train
Δ mexican experience
Hey guys! Just a note that I'll be skiing this weekend and then abducting Buttercup to a foreign country going on a cruise next week. I'll have limited Internet until Sunday and then no net at all until the 14th, at which point I intend to collapse into unconsciousness. So my boys will be on autopilot until the 15th, meaning I will see you all on our shiny new DW home!

Affects Delta (alaspooryork) who is keeping his name on DW, and Emile (evaskullface) who will be returning as "spaceracist" on DW.

Yes, I totally got "spaceracist" for him.

(no subject)
I AM BACK FROM THE PHILIPPINES after a 35 hour fucking travel day that never ended. But I come home with a pretty damn good world ranking in debate, yessss. And now I am off hiatus. Huuuraaahhh.

Do I owe tags? It's been pretty difficult to keep up with the threads I was doing before I left. 8(

alsø alsø wik slowatus
sure/ok/i'm listening
Needing to go on a slowatus until 17th (and through the move to DW). Should be on at the least every other day. Terribly sorry to those it affects in the threads I have.

un-hiatusing from an unofficial hiatus
Now that the holiday season is over and people no longer want 15 different goddamn catering orders per order, I am done being dragged through the dirt and can get back to speed with everything. So if there's anything that you'd like me to get to, by all means shove it at me and I will!

I know the idea of a football game was fielded earlier - is there any interest for still having teams form at all?

31 are you really the ultimate life?
Hey, my name's Ebi and I know Sing is moving, but I wanted to get my introduction done asap. I'll be playing Shadow the Hedgehog from Sonic Adventure 2, just after Dark Story's completion (so before Last Story even happens).

The easiest way to reach me is through PM, and I do have a plurk. It is hebbycakes.

I look forward to playing with you all.

Slowatus x2 Combo!
i am the cool kid! [AU!Dave]
Featuring these two lovely characters right here.

Physics Lass McTranshuman and Our Resident Pantsless Strider will be quite slow for about two weeks. The reason? Zae and Aaron will be exploring the wilderness of Finland together, so we'll be in a funny time zone (no offense Aave) and also probably running around all day doing things of a currently undecided nature.

Dave and Jade will be back to regular speed on the 19th.

A Sad Farewell
Down and Out/Had a Bad Day
I have been putting this off for a long while, but I think now is the time to do this.

When I arrived here, it was with one character. I didn't know anybody here except a few people I became passingly familiar with on Dear_Mun. I decided to app in to their canon, because I had a hankering to play a Space Marine. It's been a year since then, and Rookie has been through some fantastic stuff and made some good friends. He's even dished out some decent advice to people.

But my interest in continuing to play him has waned lately. I haven't kept up with him the way I should have, or gotten him involved in plots the way I ought to. And I don't want him to just slip off into the night, a victim of AC like I usually allow to happen. To his castmates and the people he had CR with, especially lately, I'm sorry that I couldn't keep up.

Maybe someday I'll feel like picking him up again, and bring him back. But for now, I have to drop the Rookie.

I will still be here with Barricade and Anon, so you certainly haven't seen the last of me. Just the last of the Rookie, for a while.

Happy New Year, Singularity! Big long moving post with a lot of information below, so please take the time to read it all. We're trying to strike a balance between gettin' the heck out of Dodge and spacing things out enough that everyone stays sane.

TimelineCollapse )

Miscellaneous information about the move:

-DW has extended open account creation! This should carry us through getting moved over. We would like to set up a fundraiser just within the game so that everyone can get at least a couple months of paid time, both because everybody loves icons and because supporting DW is the helpful thing to do, but we haven't set up the logistics yet. It might be as simple as a thread where people can ask for and pledge paids/tokens.

-Go ahead and request comm membership if you have your DW accounts set up already, but we won't be making sure we've accepted anyone for a few days, so please don't worry about it just yet. The DW comms are:

[community profile] singularityrpg
[community profile] singularitylogs
[community profile] singularityooc
[community profile] singularityderp

-We're resetting the AC cycle. Everyone has a clean slate, and we'll run an AC based on DW activity in April.

-We're likewise waiving the activity requirements for new apps from existing players for the January and February app rounds. They will come back into effect in April with the first DW AC.

-We've taken the opportunity to clear out some old stuff that wasn't working anymore: the Events Archive is going away (did you even know we had one?) and that rule about maintaining a CR chart for your characters is dead. It was pretty much dead already, but we're making it official. It made more sense when Singularity was a small game, but we're not any more.

-Likewise, the wiki never really caught on with players, so we're moving the FAQ back to the info pages and discontinuing any official use of the wiki. In light of this, we're going to ask that people provide copies of their apps somewhere on DW as a reference.

-The long-overdue changes to the credit system will roll out with DW, as well.

-Large-scale player plots will reopen in February.


(Plurk paste format here, since LJ is being especially LJ today.)

Nri here, mun of Sing's resident dudeShep, bringing you a late intro for the animated Flash, aka Wally West! Here is an IC intro for all of your badtouching needs.

I'm reachable on plurk at nennui, or you can PM either of my journals.

(no subject)


Slowatus until the move to DW goes through. Plotting and app team stuff is best addressed at Plurk (public for plot, private for app) or HPlus Future on AIM.

This applies to HAL 9000, Doc/O'Malley and Kanaya Maryam.

Hey folks. Just to let you guys know I'm back, though I won't be posting for Fef until the move to DW goes through (though I will be returning the tags I owe after I post this). However, if there's anything anyone wants me to hit up in the meantime, let me know. 38)

(no subject)
hot and dangerous
Vic again! I'm sortaback from my massive hiatus, although I'm going to be on slowatus until the move to DW is complete. In the meantime I'm available for plotting or modstuff on aim at vicioushallway, or private plurk me at teamkill.

tl;dr see you on dw
Analyze the ten thousand things.
What has two thumbs and is extending her hiatus through mid-January?

If you need one of mine for something, let me know, but I'm basically not going to be reading anything but OOC until the move is done.

Also, to no one's surprise, I'm dropping Mom. She never really clicked for me, and if people just want to ignore the fact she was ever here, fine by me.
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In light of overwhelming player support, and to no small amount of relief on the part of the mods:

Singularity is moving to Dreamwidth.

We are working on a timeline to make the move as smooth as possible, with the goal of being up and running on DW around mid-January. That will be posted in the next day or so. For now, there are two important details:

1. Dreamwidth accounts. Free account creation on DW closes at the end of the year, so you have two days to make your accounts before you'll need an invite code. Invite codes shouldn't be a problem--many players have already made accounts and so have codes to give out, and the DW staff has been generous with RPs in the past, but doing it now presents the fewest hassles. Create an account here.

2. Changes to the reserve/apps schedule. To accommodate the move, we are extending the December reserve round through the first week of January. The January app round will run through the middle two weeks of the month, and the January reserve round will be a short one, running for the last week of the month.

The new schedule is:

January 8th: Reserves close/apps open.

January 22nd: Apps close/reserves open.

February 1st: Reserves close/apps open.

We will be back on the normal schedule for February. We know we're making people wait an extra week, and we apologize, but there's no way we can deal with the move and processing applications at the same time. The reserves and apps pages will be edited to reflect this.

On a personal note, we want to thank our players for bearing with us through LJ's changes while we examined our options, and we hope we've made as many people happy as possible. We know there are some who would prefer not to move, and if there's any way we can make the transition easier for you, please let us know. If you decide to leave the game rather than change services, you will be missed, but we understand that this move isn't the best choice for everyone, and we wish you luck in your future games.

Thank you all, and stay tuned for details.

(This post is available in Plurk paste format here, for people who are having trouble accessing LJ. Please pass that link around!)


also i dropped aisling

hang on now what
HEY GUYS, Buttercup here. Between work and the holidays and LJ, my motivation is just shot, plus I've got a lot of traveling coming up so I'm calling a hiatus until after January 15th at least.

Everyone will be on autopilot, and I'll keep tagging old stuff, but slowly. If there's something we've discussed doing, or something you'd like to handwave, please let me know (aim tmk2383) and we'll work something out.

Godmode rights -

Logan (littlest_xman) - Roy
Sarah (hows_the_knee) - Chii and Larissa
Parker (theniputitback) - Hiku

In light of the recent changes to LJ's user interface, we feel that it's time to have a discussion about the potential of moving Singularity from LJ to Dreamwidth, a journaling service that is a fork of earlier LJ code. Of course we mods have our opinions, but we would like to hear our players' thoughts before making a decision.

We're aware that either option will make some players unhappy, so please be careful to keep this a discussion and not an argument.

Some information to consider.Collapse )

Edit: If you can't comment because of the style changes to LJ, please feel free either to contact the mods through another channel, or ask another player to post on your behalf. Just make sure it's clear who's speaking, please.

Edit 2: Son of Edit: If you're having difficulty loading the page, appending ?format=light to the end of the URL has helped some people.

(no subject)
okay, calling hiatus! i'm going to the Philippines for THE DEBATE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FUCKYEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH on the 26th, and i won't be back until the 5th. needless to say, i won't have much internet access while there. i will miss you guys so much!!!!

for the duration of my hiatus, karkat'll be on auto-pilot. the whole homestuck cast has godmod rights. just... don't let me come back and find him with three children and a part time job. despite how hilarious that might be.

i'll be backtagging until i leave, but no new threads until the 5th!

see ya!

Just affects the creepazoid, here.

From here until 12/27, tagging will be glacial at the very best, and no new threads will be tagged. Travel sucks like that. Best of winter holidays to everyone, and may only those who want them receive socks. ♥

More hiatus.
They're gonna derezz that poor program.
Carolyn here. I'm going on a character hiatus, potentially through New Years. I will absolutely still be around for mod stuff, so don't hesitate to contact me about that. I just can't deal with the short days, the holidays, LJ's fuckery, and keeping characters active. I may continue my existing threads at the speed of molasses, but no promises.

This affects
Kevin Flynn (theuserabides)
Emma Frost (diamondandice)
Mom Lalonde (paradox_grown)
Alex (spacebased)

Godmode rights to their respective casts, and I guess ceiling Alex is just, idk, watching OU Wash be foreveralone.

Okay everyone. Starting today I'm going to the mighty Mickey Commune, aka Disneyland. I'll be there til Monday, so for this weekend my tags are going to be sloooooow. So please be patient with me, I will get to them. I also probably won't be tagging any new posts, but I'll try and catch up when I get back.


Incoming fresh meat
red: LOS MUSTACHIOS, red: weirdo
SO HI GUYS. I'm Mandy! I have been tempted over here by the lovely Aubrey and Mat, and I brought this chick from The Dresden Files with me. The chick in question would be one miss Molly Carpenter, apprentice to Harry Dresden. She's fresh from the end of Ghost Story, so she's ...kind of not sane. Yeah.

Also, she's got magic, specifically talented in mental magic and stuff. I'll be putting up a permission post for her in a bit. Aaand I'm super excited to be here, and if you like you can hit me up on AIM at seasonsofmists86 or on plurk at tyriangalley. :D

⚠ got a water bottle full of whiskey
Hey all, Vic here! This is just a heads up that I'm going to be on hiatus from now until the 27th. I'll try to plunk away at my current threads (which I apologize for being slow at), but eat my face off if I try to initiate anything I haven't already promised folks. I won't be watching the comms, so you might want to poke me if you post anything directed to my characters!

All my characters are on autopilot, with godmod rights as follows;
• Grid's rights go to Liz/Jolta
• Altman goes to Alba on the grounds that he's hypothetically stuck in a tent with Soundwave atm
• Knock Out goes to Nie since presumably he's making life interesting for Primewaif
• Kal goes to... idefk. Casually foists him off on Nri/the other Normandy-muns.

As usual you can reach me on aim at vicioushallway, or private plurk me at teamkill.

Bonjour, Carolyn ici.

As you may have noticed, either by your plurk timeline exploding, or by, I don't know, attempting to use the site, LJ has put their foot in it again. One hopes they'll roll back the changes, but until then, if we switch to the Minimalism style with custom comments on for the comms, we can get halfway-usable comment pages back. (Example Paradisa thread.)

But we don't want to spring this on anyone, so discuss in comments. Good idea? Glaring flaws? Just not too much discussion, or the threads will collapse and then we'll be in trouble.

ETA: Okay, there we go. Hope this helps at least somewhat.

ETA2: With the help of stoppedhiding and our own Larissa, we've got a style in place that maximizes use of screen real estate and doesn't hurt to look at. It should work for both Paid and Plus accounts.

Hey, look, it's another newbie.
(Where, where? Oh, wait, I'm the newbie.)

Yep, here I am, joining Singularity with Micah of Rune Factory 3.

He's a farmer. And a fighter. And he can transform into a sheep. ... That last bit isn't public knowledge, though.

Further details (including my AIM, if you wish to contact me) can be found in the app.

... I'm also new to LJ roleplaying, so if there's anything accepted as common knowledge here that wouldn't apply to RPing in general, now would be a good time to tell me. Or anything falling under the banner of "technically optional, but just about everyone does it because it's just that good of an idea".

edit from the future: and here is my IC intro! :D