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welcome to the singularity ; ooc community

singularitymods wrote in singularityooc
Happy New Year, Singularity! Big long moving post with a lot of information below, so please take the time to read it all. We're trying to strike a balance between gettin' the heck out of Dodge and spacing things out enough that everyone stays sane.

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Miscellaneous information about the move:

-DW has extended open account creation! This should carry us through getting moved over. We would like to set up a fundraiser just within the game so that everyone can get at least a couple months of paid time, both because everybody loves icons and because supporting DW is the helpful thing to do, but we haven't set up the logistics yet. It might be as simple as a thread where people can ask for and pledge paids/tokens.

-Go ahead and request comm membership if you have your DW accounts set up already, but we won't be making sure we've accepted anyone for a few days, so please don't worry about it just yet. The DW comms are:

[community profile] singularityrpg
[community profile] singularitylogs
[community profile] singularityooc
[community profile] singularityderp

-We're resetting the AC cycle. Everyone has a clean slate, and we'll run an AC based on DW activity in April.

-We're likewise waiving the activity requirements for new apps from existing players for the January and February app rounds. They will come back into effect in April with the first DW AC.

-We've taken the opportunity to clear out some old stuff that wasn't working anymore: the Events Archive is going away (did you even know we had one?) and that rule about maintaining a CR chart for your characters is dead. It was pretty much dead already, but we're making it official. It made more sense when Singularity was a small game, but we're not any more.

-Likewise, the wiki never really caught on with players, so we're moving the FAQ back to the info pages and discontinuing any official use of the wiki. In light of this, we're going to ask that people provide copies of their apps somewhere on DW as a reference.

-The long-overdue changes to the credit system will roll out with DW, as well.

-Large-scale player plots will reopen in February.


(Plurk paste format here, since LJ is being especially LJ today.)

A Sad Farewell
Down and Out/Had a Bad Day
huragokwhistler wrote in singularityooc
I have been putting this off for a long while, but I think now is the time to do this.

When I arrived here, it was with one character. I didn't know anybody here except a few people I became passingly familiar with on Dear_Mun. I decided to app in to their canon, because I had a hankering to play a Space Marine. It's been a year since then, and Rookie has been through some fantastic stuff and made some good friends. He's even dished out some decent advice to people.

But my interest in continuing to play him has waned lately. I haven't kept up with him the way I should have, or gotten him involved in plots the way I ought to. And I don't want him to just slip off into the night, a victim of AC like I usually allow to happen. To his castmates and the people he had CR with, especially lately, I'm sorry that I couldn't keep up.

Maybe someday I'll feel like picking him up again, and bring him back. But for now, I have to drop the Rookie.

I will still be here with Barricade and Anon, so you certainly haven't seen the last of me. Just the last of the Rookie, for a while.