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welcome to the singularity ; ooc community

Slowatus =(
aroseinblue wrote in singularityooc
Sorry I've been a bit slow getting back to people lately.  I've been a bit busy and stressed so I figured posting a slowatus was in order.  

My husband just graduated and is finding a job, and we're looking all over the country.  Once he finds something we're gonna move, and we're hoping to move by February.  Well, we'll be moving either in our own place or parents (yikes).  Either way I'm going to be a bit distracted by packing and organizing and then my classes online will be back in session and BAH.  I will post a hiatus if needed, but in the meantime I'm not too busy to keep up with Sera here.  That and I'll be concentrating on Pinkie Pie if she gets accepted.  She's gonna explode with parties and that'll be insane for a while.

So that's the deal!  I've been able to pop on every day, but there may be days I'll just be DERP or wondering what to post back.  If I end up forgetting someone for too long just send me an e-mail or Plurk me a friendly poke.  Just wanted yall to know!