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welcome to the singularity ; ooc community

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Hey, look, it's another newbie.
hybridharvester wrote in singularityooc
(Where, where? Oh, wait, I'm the newbie.)

Yep, here I am, joining Singularity with Micah of Rune Factory 3.

He's a farmer. And a fighter. And he can transform into a sheep. ... That last bit isn't public knowledge, though.

Further details (including my AIM, if you wish to contact me) can be found in the app.

... I'm also new to LJ roleplaying, so if there's anything accepted as common knowledge here that wouldn't apply to RPing in general, now would be a good time to tell me. Or anything falling under the banner of "technically optional, but just about everyone does it because it's just that good of an idea".

edit from the future: and here is my IC intro! :D

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Hello! I'm Louise, and I play Vriska Serket from Homestuck and the Dovahkiin from Skyrim (fusrodah). Welcome to the game! 8D

Hello and welcome to our big boat in the sky. :3 I'm Roy, I play a bunch of people! If you ever want to plot or anything/etc, I'm pretty game. :3

man I need to learn to stop greeting people from this account, SO FEW HAPPY ICONS...

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