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welcome to the singularity ; ooc community

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singularitymods wrote in singularityooc
Bonjour, Carolyn ici.

As you may have noticed, either by your plurk timeline exploding, or by, I don't know, attempting to use the site, LJ has put their foot in it again. One hopes they'll roll back the changes, but until then, if we switch to the Minimalism style with custom comments on for the comms, we can get halfway-usable comment pages back. (Example Paradisa thread.)

But we don't want to spring this on anyone, so discuss in comments. Good idea? Glaring flaws? Just not too much discussion, or the threads will collapse and then we'll be in trouble.

ETA: Okay, there we go. Hope this helps at least somewhat.

ETA2: With the help of stoppedhiding and our own Larissa, we've got a style in place that maximizes use of screen real estate and doesn't hurt to look at. It should work for both Paid and Plus accounts.

Honestly this is probably the best idea unless LJ rolls this shit back. And even then, is that really going to be our long term solution?

It's 3:00am here. I can't handle long-term planning right now. :P

Regardless, we'll discuss it with players before making any radical decisions.

Do it.

If they don't roll back the changes, then what?

Not sure. I don't think we should start worrying about it until it becomes clear LJ's not fixing things. And certainly not while everyone's still freshly angry about it; that's just a recipe for bad decisions.

(Deleted comment)
I don't know how much of this godawful crap we can circumvent clientside, but I'd certainly be willing to give it a try.

I'm cool with changing it over.

/speedster lean.

(Deleted comment)
I say do it. I can handle the new stuff, but I know plenty are having issues.

Stupid UI decisions aside, there's so much client-end load in the new layout that people with older computers/netbooks are having a lot of problems.

Best idea I've heard yet.

Has LiveJournal never heard of the saying "Don't fix what's not broken"? I, personally, would love to have the minimalist comments. I do not think LJ will revert these changes they've made, since they rarely listen to reason anymore. <-- bitter LJ user, I admit

Hah, I've had a personal account here since 2002. LJ has never had its act together.

I say go for it. This is painful.

I'm okay with this. SO okay with this.

>refresh page on right account to put in a +1 vote
>see changes already implemented
>sits back and sips a latte

|D ❤

Yeah, we were like "oh god this is so awful and everyone seems to be on board so far DO IT DO IT DO IT."

Go sleep. I'm not leaving the game with my two boys, here or wherever it might go.


Haha it's 3:30. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN. Yeah, bed seems like a good idea.

Vic and Nie are both farther west than I am, so they'll be up a little longer if anything else explodes.

Thank you for switching it over! I've got a paid for Ladon that allows me to use custom comments, but I was afraid I'd have to brave that crapfest with Dana.

Honestly if the comment page is the only majorly broken part of LJ, there's bound to be some fixes from outside sources. Though considering how much more buggy and bandwidth-eating the new style is, no doubt there will be other repercussions involving server overload and downtime that aren't so easy to work around.

I recommend the layouts on fruitstyle in terms of functional S2 styles that don't squish the hell out of comments. Let me know if you guys need help with tweaking the CSS. I'm kind of rusty but I can poke at things until they look nice.

Thanks for the offer. <3 We're not gonna worry about it too much yet, since LJ has a habit of going "HAHA JUST KIDDING please believe us" when they pull stuff like this. We'll see.

Looks good to me. Just don't make any snap decisions that'll affect the whole comm before you give LJ a chance to fix this.

Whoops, missed this last night.

Snap decisions are not happening, I assure you. <3