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welcome to the singularity ; ooc community

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Incoming fresh meat
red: LOS MUSTACHIOS, red: weirdo
magicalpadawan wrote in singularityooc
SO HI GUYS. I'm Mandy! I have been tempted over here by the lovely Aubrey and Mat, and I brought this chick from The Dresden Files with me. The chick in question would be one miss Molly Carpenter, apprentice to Harry Dresden. She's fresh from the end of Ghost Story, so she's ...kind of not sane. Yeah.

Also, she's got magic, specifically talented in mental magic and stuff. I'll be putting up a permission post for her in a bit. Aaand I'm super excited to be here, and if you like you can hit me up on AIM at seasonsofmists86 or on plurk at tyriangalley. :D

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HI HI HI HI HIIIIIII. *Clings to forever* I AM SO EXCITED.

HIIII BACK. :DDDD Me too, it has been way too long since we RPed with each other.

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