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welcome to the singularity ; ooc community

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hang on now what
theniputitback wrote in singularityooc
HEY GUYS, Buttercup here. Between work and the holidays and LJ, my motivation is just shot, plus I've got a lot of traveling coming up so I'm calling a hiatus until after January 15th at least.

Everyone will be on autopilot, and I'll keep tagging old stuff, but slowly. If there's something we've discussed doing, or something you'd like to handwave, please let me know (aim tmk2383) and we'll work something out.

Godmode rights -

Logan (littlest_xman) - Roy
Sarah (hows_the_knee) - Chii and Larissa
Parker (theniputitback) - Hiku

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We do still need to do our christmas thing with mama Connor and John. ;-; but that can wait, or be something we backdate until you're feeling more on top of things.


I just plurked you about this, but i would love to backdate a Christmas thing with them.:( Sarah's a lot easier for me to write than the others, so it's possible we could start something this week, if you're up for it? Otherwise it won't be til after the 15th.:(

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