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welcome to the singularity ; ooc community

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gotta_go_flash wrote in singularityooc
Nri here, mun of Sing's resident dudeShep, bringing you a late intro for the animated Flash, aka Wally West! Here is an IC intro for all of your badtouching needs.

I'm reachable on plurk at nennui, or you can PM either of my journals.

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awww shit it is motherfucking on

speedster battle go

only flash wins automatically :| with Bro in last place behind both Sonics and Quicksilver

Hey, at least I didn't app comicsverse Wally West. His costume is made of speed. Really, DC? Really?

Also: someone needs to round up all the speedsters and take them down to the planet for a run before they start bouncing off of Sacrosanct's walls.

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