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welcome to the singularity ; ooc community

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singularitymods wrote in singularityooc
Happy New Year, Singularity! Big long moving post with a lot of information below, so please take the time to read it all. We're trying to strike a balance between gettin' the heck out of Dodge and spacing things out enough that everyone stays sane.


January 6: OOC coordination post goes up in the OOC community on DW. This will contain some DW-specific information to help people get settled in. Ask questions, show off your new accounts, arrange Paypal proxies, and get help with layouts and just generally starting out on a new service. There'll be mod a comment thread where you can point out broken links in info posts and whatnot. You'll also be asked to comment to the new Taken post with your DW accounts.

January 8: Extended December reserve round ends. January app round begins. All apps should be submitted on the DW app post. Accepted characters from this round should join the DW comms and not the LJ ones.

January 9: CR with Me and a some kind of fun meme--maybe forced honesty; that one's always popular--in the DW crack community. These will run for a few days before game posting opens up and will be open to new characters who've apped this round on DW. This gives new characters a week in limbo, we know, but we're trying to strike a balance between alacrity and having everything happen at once.

January 13: End of IC posting on LJ, beginning of IC posting on DW. The LJ comms will be set to moderated submissions at this point.

January 22: End of January app round, beginning of January reserve round.

February 1: End of January reserve round. Beginning of February app round.

February 15: End of February app round. Beginning of February reserve round.

February 29: Leap Day! Assuming comment importing for communities with large comment counts is live, this will be the end of backtagging on LJ. You can keep commenting to the old comms if you want, but we don't guarantee your comments after this point will be imported to DW.

March 1: One last round of comment importing from LJ begins. Singularity runs solely on DW at this point. The LJ accounts will remain, but be unused.

April 1: Activity Check. Only DW activity will count.

Miscellaneous information about the move:

-DW has extended open account creation! This should carry us through getting moved over. We would like to set up a fundraiser just within the game so that everyone can get at least a couple months of paid time, both because everybody loves icons and because supporting DW is the helpful thing to do, but we haven't set up the logistics yet. It might be as simple as a thread where people can ask for and pledge paids/tokens.

-Go ahead and request comm membership if you have your DW accounts set up already, but we won't be making sure we've accepted anyone for a few days, so please don't worry about it just yet. The DW comms are:

[community profile] singularityrpg
[community profile] singularitylogs
[community profile] singularityooc
[community profile] singularityderp

-We're resetting the AC cycle. Everyone has a clean slate, and we'll run an AC based on DW activity in April.

-We're likewise waiving the activity requirements for new apps from existing players for the January and February app rounds. They will come back into effect in April with the first DW AC.

-We've taken the opportunity to clear out some old stuff that wasn't working anymore: the Events Archive is going away (did you even know we had one?) and that rule about maintaining a CR chart for your characters is dead. It was pretty much dead already, but we're making it official. It made more sense when Singularity was a small game, but we're not any more.

-Likewise, the wiki never really caught on with players, so we're moving the FAQ back to the info pages and discontinuing any official use of the wiki. In light of this, we're going to ask that people provide copies of their apps somewhere on DW as a reference.

-The long-overdue changes to the credit system will roll out with DW, as well.

-Large-scale player plots will reopen in February.


(Plurk paste format here, since LJ is being especially LJ today.)

This is awesome to have, thank you! It looks like the switchover is gonna be a good opportunity to start clean for everyone and bring in new things at the same time.

Here's hoping everything goes well, transfers smoothly, and makes everything more fun and stable for everybody.

(Deleted comment)
You can certainly keep using it; we're not going to delete it or anything. It's just been utter cat-herding to get everyone to keep their entries up to date, and for an official resource, that's no good.

(Deleted comment)
Most people already post their apps in their journals, and that's the really important part.

The other thing is the locations that characters have set up, like various canonmates living together, the clubs, the Grid, etc. We may ask for writeups and integrate those into the Maps & Locations page after the majority of the move is complete.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
this is amazing! thank you so much to the mod team for putting this together. it makes everything super clear and it'll be wonderful to refer to. ♥


can we submit our outlines for large-scale player plots, or should we hold off on that until february?

Hold off 'til the suggestions post on DW is live, but you can go ahead and submit them any time after that.

I can't say it enough just how awesome you guys have been throughout this whole thing. Thanks again for all of your hard work.

/sob I have another question.

Should we post our username here if it's different from our LJ one? I know a lot of people added letters/took trendy one word usernames with the availability. Or are we going on the honors system?

I second this, and recommend the common

Player name:
Character name:
Character LJ:
Character DW:

format. BTW, Sing is listed in the Plurk LJ to DW page. XD Did you guys do that?

Huge thanks to you mods for setting this all up and laying it out so clearly.

/goes to request membership to the DW comms

No CR sheet, huh? Pity. I had fun filling mine out. But alrighty then.

I think it's more a case of the CR chart becomes optional instead of mandatory. Other games I've been in, people have just made CR charts because they can, so there's no big deal.

At least, that's how I see it.

I definitely approve. Fast enough to get us out of here, but slow enough to let us wrap things already open up at Sing's usual pace and not leave people behind. Not that I think we'll need that long to wrap up the open, but it's worth making sure.

you guys are incredible! thanks so much for all your hard work!

Potential apper question:

Do we include DW info in the reserve post for this round, LJ info or both? Same question applies for the January app round.

We're only going to do apps on DW from here on out, so DW info, please.

We should probably open the DW reserves post, now that I think of it. I WILL DEAL WITH BEING SMART ABOUT THINGS IN THE MORNING. 6_9

Another question!

Will things on the current requests page be looked at before the move to DW?

Oh nuts, do you have something hanging? Sorry about that; it's inevitable some things are going to slip through the cracks, so please please bring it to our attention if it looks like that's what happened.

One of us will look at the unanswered stuff on the requests posts tomorrow, because yeah, I'd really like to deal with everything on the LJ side to tie up loose ends.