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A Sad Farewell
Down and Out/Had a Bad Day
huragokwhistler wrote in singularityooc
I have been putting this off for a long while, but I think now is the time to do this.

When I arrived here, it was with one character. I didn't know anybody here except a few people I became passingly familiar with on Dear_Mun. I decided to app in to their canon, because I had a hankering to play a Space Marine. It's been a year since then, and Rookie has been through some fantastic stuff and made some good friends. He's even dished out some decent advice to people.

But my interest in continuing to play him has waned lately. I haven't kept up with him the way I should have, or gotten him involved in plots the way I ought to. And I don't want him to just slip off into the night, a victim of AC like I usually allow to happen. To his castmates and the people he had CR with, especially lately, I'm sorry that I couldn't keep up.

Maybe someday I'll feel like picking him up again, and bring him back. But for now, I have to drop the Rookie.

I will still be here with Barricade and Anon, so you certainly haven't seen the last of me. Just the last of the Rookie, for a while.

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Huh. I would have loved to have Scott meet Rookie. If you ever pick him up again, say hi to Scott for me. In the meantime, glad you're still sticking around. :) I hope I get to play with you soon, perhaps on DW. oh god i haven't made cr with your characters yet, have i? /is sometimes retarded

I most certainly will, because I'm sure Scott and Rookie would get along famously. And I hope I get to play with you too! And you totally need to get CR with my characters, but I probably won't be posting with them much aside from backtags, until the game moves.

Space marine bros represent. Thom'll miss him. It was great having him to bounce off all this time, though. :3

Space marines forever. And Rookie will miss Thom too, and I had so much fun playing them off of each other for as long as we did. :3

Oh, man. I've been scarce, but Six will miss Rookie. One of the few ODSTs she actually got along with. It was nice playing with him while it lasted!

Rookie has been scarce too, so it's okay. I will missing his and Six's conversations. They were always so much fun!

Rookie has to go, O'Brien. But that doesn't mean you can go back to freaking out when dudes invite you to Space Prom.


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