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welcome to the singularity ; ooc community

+1 New Mun and +1 Reality-Bending Mutant!
Tee hee
Hi everyone, my name is Mari! I am new to Singularity am bringing in Wanda Lehnsherr aka The Scarlet Witch from Marvel's Ultimates series. :3

Wanda is a mutant who can bend reality by calculating probabilities and affecting them with magic hex-orbs/bolts! She also happens to be the twin sister of Pietro (making her another of Magneto's children with daddy issues) and a member of Ultimate Marvel's equivalent of the Avengers (and oh so cleverly named), the Ultimates.

Anyway, due to the nature of her abilities I will of course be checking with everyone involved before making any use of them that might impact/affect other characters, and when I have a chance to get a permissions post up you're all welcome to hit me up there if you like.

If at any time you want to get in touch with me, you can find me at "ramiahstar" at AIM, Plurk, and Gmail!

Beyond that, I just want to give another thank you to everyone who helped me voice test on d_m earlier as well those of you who read my app drafts as I cobbled things together <33 The support was wonderful and highly appreciated. Also, thank you again to the mods for accepting my app :D Can't wait to get to know everyone here and get started!

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that day we walked a little deeper
Hello, Singlings! This is Aubrey, bringing in Harry Dresden from The Dresden Files.

For those of you unfamiliar with the canon, Harry is a wizard PI with chronic Hero Syndrome and a bad habit of blowing shit up as a means of problem solving. Also, he just came back from the dead. (...aaaand as a result, he's... naked when he shows up. Someone please tell me the station will give him clothes? Make his life that little bit less awkward?)

Also, a quick note: meeting Harry's eyes will result in a soulgaze, which means he'll be able to see exactly what kind of person you are and what you could be, and vice versa. Harry's pretty adept at avoiding direct eye contact, and makes a point of not intentionally meeting other people's eyes, but accidents happen, and sometimes he does it on purpose. (Luckily, it's not possible over the network, so there's that.) If you want a soulgaze to happen, plz to contact me? I am totally fine with it, but it is something that needs to be discussed first.

If you need me for any reason, there's a contact post on Harry's journal, and you're welcome to add me on plurk!

Re: Kissletoe
Since I don't nearly have most of you on PLURK, I think I should ask this here.

Before I start...spamming everyone.

Consider this the Joker's first permission post:


ADDENDUM: Everyone clearly underage--I'M LOOKING AT YOU HAMSTEAKS--won't get makeouts, but they will get creepery unless requested otherwise.

Caution: He is totally a creeper and threads involving making out with him will be both a) Horrible, and b) Probably lead to more creeping in the future.

Sorry to do this so close to arriving but tomorrow I'm heading off to my parents' ready for Christmas. As a result, I won't be around between sometime tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday 21st) and Thursday 29th December.

This just affects Feferi right here.

Hope everyone has a great holiday season and I'll catch up with you all when I get back!

SINGMAS: event update!
I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus...
Better stock up on chapstick, because all that mistletoe being given out in those decorating kits and being strung up in the streets? Isn't really mistletoe. While visually identical, it's actually a sentient fungiform lifeform. All this cold weather is triggering it's breeding cycle, and that'll be rubbing off on anyone who gets too close.

Characters within a few feet of the 'kisseltoe' will find themselves compelled to kiss the nearest person. If said person is also under the kisseltoe, you might be stuck there for a bit. The effects will wear off within five minutes or after retreating to a safe distance of at least five feet. As the mind-controlling effects are spread by spores, it's also suggested you hose yourself off ASAP if you want to avoid another round of makeouts.

The kisseltoe can affect both organic and inorganic lifeforms, so watch out!

Odd here! I’m announcing a new component to the game’s mechanics

Temporary Lock Out

In brief, this will work like a mix between the something like the job board and a continuous mini-event revolving around the NPC Semley/ARM’s duties on the station and taking advatange of the two things players love--being horrible to their characters, and being horrible to other people’s characters.

Semley is as you know, Hypatia’s acting enforcer deployed on the station when the place started getting a little too crowded and rancorous for her Purge loving tastes. While essentially her right hand man/attack dog, Hypatia has kept her pet abomination squarely in the alignment of Lawful Neutral. Insofar he has and continues to not purse any station resident unless they make it obvious they’re going to kill someone, break the lawn furniture, pee in the pool, etc etc.

That’s where Temporary Lock Out comes in. Temporary Lock Out is the step taken when a character makes an in-game ass of themselves OR if another character has reported them to Semley as a ne'er-do-well-type hooligan. Using his A-Tyrannical-Space-AI-Wizard- It-and-As-Plot-Demands abilities, Semley will track down the offending station resident and forcibly lock them out of a number of things the player can choose from.There is no end to the list of supposed transgressions your character can do. It doesn’t even have to be true! If another character comes up with a compelling enough statement, they can troll the ass out of their selected target by way of Semley.

For a set amount of time your character can be punished by having something of there’s taken away. It could be anything from their special abilities, companion animal/AI, weapons, armor, use of limb (unless you’re Charles), vehicle, station privileges (credits, access to part of the station, features on the wearables) or really anything your sadistic imaginations can come up with.

Another fun feature is your character has the option of knowing exactly who or what reported them to Semley, and why. Mind you this will of course all be done with player permission. Reporting another player’s character without that mun’s consent is VERBOTEN. It can be assumed that if you are reporting your own character without the help of another player, Semley himself reported your character.

Below are two forms that can filled out OOCly. One is to report your own character, the other, to report another player’s character. Please comment below with filled forms, questions, and/or comments.

Happy Trolling!



NOTE: If enough interest in this beta of a game mechanic is garnered, it will be moved to a more permanent entry. Please comment here.

more new meat!
UA: Call me CT.
Hi everyone! I'm Dha bringing you CT from the webseries Red vs. Blue. She'll a little paranoid and kiiiiind of a bitch. :3 For those that know her canon, she's coming from right before her death in Recreation.

OOCly, I can be reached at AIM (mustlovetherock) and plurk (rarimmadinosaur) pretty often.

Her IC intro should be up sometime tonight! I look forward to playing with all of you!

New blood
Hi folks! I'm Rhi and I'm a brand new player to Sing. I'm here to add to (and hopefully not let down!) the amazing Homestuck you have by bringing in this fish princess right here, Feferi Peixes. I have a permissions post for her here for the typing quirks; her intro post will go up sometime later today.

In the meantime, my AIM is momentsbtwnsleep and my Plurk is amazinglystrange. I look forward to getting to know and playing with you guys :D

New chara!
Oh great

This is Kiki, mun of Shaun Mason, bringing in a seconod character. And yes, I know voice-only transmissions (and some video or holo ones) might get them mixed up, because

Here is Sean Cassidy, Banshee, of X-Men: First Class fame.

He is 18, redhead, Irish, and overall too cute for his own good.

I will probably put IC intro before I crash in 4 hours, or after I get to work tomorrow morning. If you need me, my plurk is kikibug13 and/or you can PM the journal or, well, I am a bit shy with strange names pinging me on AIM, but it's k1k1bug if you must. I function on the hell-for-RP time zone of EET, or Eastern European time, which is Zulu + 2, or seven hours ahead of EST. Or ten hours ahead of PST.

Come one, come all, X-teenager is here!


(no subject)
never felt like a princess
Helloooo Sing.  Tomato here (aka Peggy mun) with a new person.  Person being Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games trilogy!  Yes.

If you are unfamiliar, all you really have to know is she is a seventeen year old girl from a post-apocalyptic world in the middle of a revolution of which she is the reluctant symbol.  She's got mad bow and arrow skills but she's also kind of broken and has a lot of trauma.  She'll be arriving with a super-advanced bow and a suit of armor that's vaguely birdlike (the Mockingjay suit aww yeah).

I'm taking her from pretty late in Mockingjay (from the raid on the Capitol), so I apologize in advance if I inadvertently spoil you for some stuff.  Like I might have done just then oops. 

Well, I think we're making EXCELLENT progress!
I got this!
There are a lot of superheroes in this game, but time to address that lack of Supers!

Alex is back, porting in Violet Parr straight out of the Super Relocation Program of The Incredibles (2004 Pixar)! She comes sans family, but +1 headband so that she can actually see what's going on around Sacrosanct! (And, most importantly, she comes sans CAPE, dreadfully dangerous things that they are!)

Her HMD is here and you can ping onto her app over here!

Violet's still a little awkward and shy at this point in her canon, but starting to come out of her shell. No doubt she'll miss her family, but she's a big girl, amirite?

(no subject)
Hey Sing, Roy here! Just letting everyone know, I'm adding another car to that hiatus train. Not sure how long it's going to last (if it goes longer than about five days I'll go put in an official notice) but yeah, just a general heads up.

This hiatus affects:

Charles Xavier
John Connor

Stay awesome, Singlings! If anyone needs to contact me for any reason, you can find me on plurk @ vonnerdyce, and at AIM and gmail under the same.

Hopping on the slowatus/hiatus train.
Sup dudes. Just a quick note to say I'll be an even slower tagger than normal for a little while. One reason being the holidays and the other being that I've managed to anger the tooth gods and my mouth decided to freak out right before Christmas. I'm glad it waited until after finals, but seriously? A week before Christmas? The pain's manageable but enough to keep me from being able to concentrate on much. I'm going to pray I can get in to see a dentist soon, but who knows if that'll be possible.

So yeah, TL;DR, muh toof hurts so I'm gonna be slow to not-here for a while. This affects Ladon the Grump King and the female Mercer.

Also just a quick note that I'm dropping KOS-MOS and no one was surprised.

Hiatus ---> Slowaitus
++ March On ++
So, still dealing with the holiday rush but this week shouldn't be... as bad? Mostly back, though I'll be moving at a snail's pace trying to catch up on things hurrhoo. 6.9


And I'm not even sure how to get Cloud back and involved with things. H-help? What'd I miss?

Odd here. I don't mean to cause alarm, but as I some of you know I'm having trouble with the health care system here as of late; being either in the ER or switching my primary physicians. I'm stable but physically and mentally on my last leg. I'm taking a serious hiatus until this is all sorted out. I should be back on my feet in the neighborhood of sometime before the new year.

I'll try to get more involved in mod work in the meantime. Thank you for your patience.

Why, hello there!
Hello there, Sing! I've been eying you for quite a while, now.

Well, okay, not really. more like a couple months.

Aaaaaaaaanyhow, hi. I'm Galen, and I bring to you the always fashionable and beautiful Yvonne "Vonnie" Awning, from Dresden Codak. She is also an excellent bureaucrat, so if you need some paperwork done, you should totally check with her.

Right, well, I suck at intros, so yeah. That's about it. I look forward to playing with you all!

Edit: Oh right, and I'm Gaeth on plurk. Feel free to add me!

(no subject)
[Close] What are you doing Dave

I'm back from hiatus.

So Hal and Doc'Malley are back in the active swing of things, and I'll get right on tagging with them after I am done writing this.

Anyway, a while back, I mentioned something vague about HAL and some star charts, so let me flesh that idea out in this post while I am at it.

Singularity Constellation Creation Collaboration StationCollapse )

SO BASICALLY IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THAT all you have to do is look out for the post.

EDIT: I also re-apped Kanaya and she is back now. So yeah.

Yyyyep Sam just wasn't working out. Sending him home. Deepest apologies to Wicke.

Singularity has moved to Dreamwidth, and this page is no longer maintained.
The new Suggestions page is here.

suggestion box
This page is for suggesting plot ideas (either player-driven events or general suggestions) for perusal by the mods. We encourage players to come up with and run their own events, and would be happy to help refine an idea to best suit the game setting and the other players. Don't want to run your own event? This is also the place to suggest general ideas, such as "I think we should have some kind of weather event where it storms for days and knocks out power and people have to work together" etc.

We would also like to hear ideas for jobs. You want to hunt for ghosts in the empty hospitals? You want to space walk outside the station and fight zombies with a line gun? Tell us here!

As for large scale player-driven events...
large-scale action requests
Large scale actions are player-driven game plots which will affect more than those directly involved in the planning. This can be anything from a bomb going off to a game show. In general, though, we only need to see a request form if an action will harm or threaten the population, including NPCs.

We need mod approval for these kinds of actions not to discourage them because, again, almost anything will be approved. What we are looking out for is keeping these events from all getting lumped together, so we don't have a solid month of murders and general chaos. As with everything in Singularity, players can pretty much do what they want, we'd just ask for moderation.

Some examples of large scale actions:
  • "I have a neurotoxin which causes temporary amnesia and disorientation I want to release into Kurzweil's vents."
  • "I have already found the Underworld and want to kidnap one of the insurgents to interrogate her."
  • "I want to kidnap Agent Texas and hold her hostage for ransom on the network."
  • "I want to hack into Sacrosanct's confidential records to see if I can find something."
To request a large-scale action, comment with the following:

The general rule with large-scale actions, and any other big deal requests, is to provide a few days' lead time in case the mods need to discuss any of the details with you. We are not in a mindset to outright reject anything; rather, if something doesn't quite work for us, we'd prefer to talk it out, to see if there's not another solution.

If your plot is going to require special items, such as finding a fully functional EMP in the Junkyard, please note that in the description here instead of going to the Item Request page. We can approve items on this page if they are related to a plot.

Welcome to Sacrosanct. Please watch your step:
setting - gameplay - taken - application
event archive - hiatus and drop - contact and faq
maps and locations - requests - job board - deaths
singularity_rpg (network) - singularitylogs (logs community)
singularityooc (OOC community) - singularityderp (crack and memes community)


Do not post suggestions here.
All suggestions should go on the DW Suggestions post, here.

Carolyn here.

As part of updating the look and navigability of the Sing info pages, I've been gradually switching pages to the new, lighter-HTML layout. Last night I did the Suggestions page, but instead of deleting the private draft I had on the mod account, I apparently deleted the actual page. Thanks to Aave for catching it so quickly.

Unfortunately, this means the comments are gone. I apologize to people who had plots in the queue--you are going to have to resubmit if you are still interested. Alternately, if anyone had the old Suggestions page tracked, could you get in touch with me to see if we can recover the suggestions that hadn't been reviewed yet?

I'll be putting up a new Suggestions post immediately. Communities don't allow dating out of order, so it will appear just above this post in the OOC comm, and I'll edit in a link here when it goes up Here is the new page. I'll also be going through and correcting links to the old page.

Again, I'm sorry, especially to the people whose suggestions were lost. This is entirely my fault, and you can rest assured I'll be checking my work with renewed neurotic energy in the future.

Player plots are still closed, but will be reopening in the near future--which is why I was editing the page to begin with. Thanks for bearing with me while I fix my mistake.

Why So Serious, Sacrosanct?

Why hello there, everyone.

Hiku here, bringing you this horrible new character. Prepare yourselves for a MYRIAD of permissions posts re: all the terrible things Joker will try to do to everyone. And rest assured I will be tagging every single post with trigger warnings because aaaaahaha, yeah.

Joker, what a card.

I apologize in advance.

SO, who wants to be harassed by a psychotic clown?

Yes, another one.
Hey guys it's Levon again and today I bring you Grey and Biometal Model A. Grey is the protagonist of Megaman ZX Advent and the top of the line in reploid technology while Model A is a floating hunk of metal who gives him enhanced abilities and may or may not contain the information needed to make himself. They come from a world where you can't really tell who is human and who isn't. In all truth, their world at about Sing level technology.

Oh also he also has the ability to copy the appearances and abilities, to a limited degree, of people so here's the permission post if you wish to opt out on that.

hello again friend of a friend
⇥ make her bring her famous face
Hi everyone! My name is Carlee, I'm brand new here, and I'll be bringing you Max Guevara from the late Fox show Dark Angel. For those of you not familiar with the show, she's a genetically engineered human designed to be a perfect soldier who escaped from the institute that created her when she was nine only to be recaptured when she was twenty. (She'll actually be coming in fresh from being interrogated/injected with a virus intended to kill her boyfriend who's been trying to expose Manticore to the general public since she got recaptured.) I realize that sounds pretty confusing, so to read more about her, you can check out this or her application, and to read more about the show, check out the wiki.

If you have any questions or want to plot anything out with me, you can find me on Plurk at designatethis or on AIM at this pink ribbon, or ask me on this post. I'm excited to start playing with you all! :)

Greetings! <---so totally new
Hello everyone!

I am Laz, the not so great and terrible, and I will be bringing onto you the cute/shy/gothyness of Serenity Rose!  Who is she?  Where is she from?  What do?!  Well here is a link to her application  http://aroseinblue.livejournal.com/701.html and the website of the artist who draws her comic book http://www.heartshapedskull.com/.  

As for me, I am new to Livejournal RP but not new to RP in general.  I've done forum RPing, AIM RP, D&D type shenanigans and so on.  I look forward to venturing into this crazy realm of madness with you all.  My husband has apped too, he's that guy who has decided to represent the greatness that is Kamina.  It shall be interesting!  

Also, I am no longer a hard user of AIM and...well I completely forget what my password even was but I am on Plurk all the time.  My plurkyness is Laz currently but if that's not coming up with anything try Disig.

Can't wait to RP with you all!

(no subject)
fuzzy blue elf
Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone, except in potentially a "we had one of those?" way, but I'm dropping Nightcrawler. Things got away from me and I couldn't keep up with the amazing new cast members he has. ;; He may return some day from a later canon point, we'll see.

Still here with Delta and Emile, of course.

Musicals and you!
Pondering the mysteries, Why does Shepard have a turian STD?
Okay, so, for anyone who was interested in the musical thing, I'm going to try and figure out what the best way to go about doing this is gonna be. One option is to handwave stuff, which would be easy, but low on the interaction. On the opposite end of things, I don't really want to throw a log up for every rehearsal. A mix of handwaving and logs will probably be what we do. This is also kind of a planning post. If there's a specific part or whatever, drop me a line here. This is really just kind of a silly crack thing to be used as an excuse for Mordin to get out of the house. So if anyone who volunteered IC wants to thread with Mordin about this stuff, lemme know!

12 Days of Singmas
Hypatia spends a lot of time studying the various races and cultures that come through the rift, and nothing quite interests her so much as big damn holidays. She has decided to try her hand at this whole 'Christmas' thing, and as such residents might be in for a bit of a surprise in the coming days.

dreaming of a white christmas
Are you ready for a white Christmas? Courtesy of our own Victor Fries and an encouraging Hypatia, Residential Zones will wake up to a nice dusting of snow starting tomorrow morning. Temperatures will also be dropping to just below freezing, leaving it just nippy enough to break out your gloves and hats. Bet you didn’t think you’d have to shovel the walk on a space station, huh?

deck the halls
All public areas in the Residential Zones are being given the holiday treatment, with service drones busting out the wreaths and lights. Decoration starter kits are also being left at doorsteps, and residents are strongly advised to get to work bringing the holiday spirit indoors.

saw mommy kissing santa claus
What would Christmas be without a Santa? Hypatia can’t very well spread all this cheer herself, and so has constructed a helpful holiday automaton to do her bidding. Robot Santa is a friendly droid build to look and act like the stereotypical image of Santa: Big, round, dressed in red, laughs a lot, and has an unsettling habit of letting himself into other folks’ homes without warning. While he’s primarily a benevolent sort, he’s fully capable of defending himself should any character decide to take a swing at him. Residents may see him scampering around roof tops in the coming days, carrying a large sack on his back.

he sees you when you’re sleeping
What good is a robot Santa if you don’t use him? And Hypatia is nothing if not observant. On Christmas morning characters will wake to find presents addressed to them under their Christmas tree. You don’t have a Christmas tree? Well you do now. Gifts will be up to muns to decide, but they should be creepily appropriate. Given how much time she's dedicated to surveillance, she has a pretty good idea of who should get what. This is also a chance for your character to receive small, personal items that may have come through the rift before/after them. Hypatia, with her all seeing security systems, can have located these within the Junkyard and ever so thoughtfully gift wrapped them.

If you would like your character to receive an item from their world, please run it by us here first--just like any special item request.

This seasonal event is bound to evolve further, so keep your eyes open for further announcements!

(no subject)
I'm going to be in Cupertino on business from Mon-Thurs, so my very slow tags will become even slower. I really do apologise to anyone I've been threading with, and if you'd prefer to close out a log and just have us assume stuff, I'm more than willing to do that!

I suppose this is a hiatus-slowiatus of a sorts; vicodin+work+winter doldrums are just obviously a terrible mix! I'll be doing tags whenever possible, but with my restricted schedule and everything, I'll probably be hitting them out of order from tags-that-need-no-thought to wax-on-wax-off tags.

(no subject)
So ... hello, Singularity!

My name is Lettie, and I am bringing to you Tali'zorah vas Normandy of Mass Effect fame. Tali is a quarian machinist who lives in her environmental suit 24/7 and is prone to rambling when she's nervous. She's young, but she is also acknowledged in canon as a gifted engineer -- so hopefully she'll have much to offer the game!

If you want to reach me:

-osteological on Plurk
-Lettie347 on AIM!

I am pretty excited to be here!

New blood here o/
this is my science face
Hi everyone, I'm Lana and I'm bringing in Jane Foster, from the Marvel movie Thor! I'm taking her from between the end of Thor and whenever her experimentation succeeds in creating a stable link between Asgard and Earth (or Midgard, whatever you want to call it) in order to bring Thor back for the Avengers. Jane is a workaholic astrophysicist who apparently likes Go Lean Crunch cereal, so hopefully she'll have a lot of fun in spaaaaace.

I have a Plurk and my AIM is snakelovesco, if you want to get in touch for plotty things or just chatting! I look forward to playing with all of you!